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We help other software engineers to make their software as automatically testable, deployable, scalable and runnable on any cloud as possible. We call that DevOps, others call it Site Reliability Engineering, Operations-, DevTools-, Automation- or Developer Happiness Engineering. We bridge the conflict between the users - who need stability and 24/7-availability - and developers, who's needs include agility and control using automation, self-service and the possibility to reach operations if support is required. Since our customers developers usually work and deploy in their own style and time we proactively service and improve the generic processes for packaging, deployments and rollbacks, horizontal scaling, service discovery and load balancing, configuration- and secrets management.

Some of our customers use Golang for their applications and we work a lot with tools written in Go: Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Etcd, Prometheus, Fluentd, etc. We use / script / configure / improve Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Puppet-modules or Ansible-playbooks and various scripts for gluing together our customer portals, monitoring, logging, metrics, backups, etc. Other customers use PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, JavaScript, Erlang / Elixir and being able to read their code can be helpful. In addition to coding we are convinced that talking to developers helps to improve both the code and availability: coordinating CI/CD processes, application health checks, applying configuration, automatic deployments for (feature) branches with / without fixtures etc.

In computer science in general and in our field in particular we are working with cutting edge technology - there is hardly anybody sporting 10 years of experience in Golang. We require you to be proficient in at least one programming language and willing-, if not eagerness to learn new stuff. Experience as a sysadmin is a bonus, everything else you will learn on the job. We are an open-source company and ideally you have a GitHub-account to show off.

We are looking for great people to extend our team with their individual skills, experiences and desires to learn:

  • We provide flexible working hours: no matter whether you are an early bird or late riser we believe well-rested engineers to be most productive. The team decides on the time for the daily standup themselves: currently it is at 11:45am in order for everybody to be able to attend
  • We have an annual working time model: you want to retreat early or take a day off when the weather is particularly nice or fresh snow has fallen? Sure!
  • We have 5 weeks of paid vacations every year
  • Most of us work between 60% and 100%
  • Usually we work from our office at Neugasse - a 5 minute walk from the Zürich HB main train station - to enable short and easy ways of communication. You want to work from home for the day because your child is sick, a handyman is coming in or simply because you need to focus on a task exclusively and uninterrupted? Sure!
  • We have state of the art infrastructure at our office: ergonomic chairs, height adjustable and standing desks, naturally lit workplace, two 24" or one 30" display, choose your own operating system (most use Linux or MacOS), gigabit speed internet connection
  • Free snacks and beverages: espresso, cappuccino, cola, ice tea, energy drinks, club mate, and so on. Usually we get some take-out for lunch and eat together, there are ~20 different places to choose from in a ~200m radius
  • We are sociable; we might go for an after-work-drink and we enjoy quarterly team-events together
  • We have transport allowance: everybody gets CHF 165/year for a Halbtax
  • We love gadgets: you can use our company discounts at our suppliers
  • There are sports activities close by the office for those who fancy them and we support biketowork.ch
  • Every employee has a yearly training allowance to attend courses, workshops, conferences and we support talking at meetups, conferences (like the python summit) and writing how-tos and blog posts
  • We believe in transparency in compensation as well, our salaries are based on experience and independent of age, gender, origin or negotiating skills and are diclosed internally
  • If there was any doubt: we are urban engineers, we are looking for your experience and enthusiasm. Gender, age, origin, appearance or orientation do not make any difference to us.

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email: aarno.aukia@vshn.ch
phone: +41 (0)44 545 53 00